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‘I will not renounce my faith’—pray for new believer left for dead

May 19, 2022 by Tim Dustin in Persecution updates

Jashim Uddin* had trusted Christ.  

And they were there to make him pay for his decision. That day, they attacked Jashim outside his home in Jhenaidah (a city in the southwest part of Bangladesh)—bent on forcing him to renounce his faith in Jesus and return to their religion of Islam.  

But Jashim wouldn’t give up.  

“I have received Jesus Christ in my life as my personal Savior and Lord,” he boldly declared. “I have the right to choose and practice my faith. You cannot force me to do what you do. I will not renounce or forsake my faith in Jesus Christ.” 

Jashim’s response and refusal angered the mob even more as they stabbed and viciously beat him. Some in the crowd grabbed onto his hands and legs so he couldn’t escape, while others strangled him. 

Although some reportedly saw the attack, no one dared try to stop it, fearing they could be next. 

Miraculously, Jashim managed to escape from his attackers and went straight to his church leader’s home where he showed his wounds and told them about the attack on both his body and faith. From there, he was immediately transported to the local hospital. 

A few days later, after his release, police showed up at Jashim’s home to take a report. But then they realized the reason for the attack. Instead of taking the report, police ridiculed Jashim and denied him and his family protection.  

The police officers’ response emboldened the mob. They returned again to attack Jashim; this time, they left him for dead.   

Desperately clinging to life, Jashim was admitted to the hospital a second time with severe injuries.  

Currently, he’s still hospitalized in poor condition and speaking incoherently. His wife and children have gone into hiding. The mob has threatened to kill Jashim and his family if they return home. 

Stand with your family in prayer!

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Let’s lift up our brother Jashim and his family before the Lord in prayer. Let’s pray that Jashim will fully recover from his wounds and that his faith will only grow stronger as a result of these incidents. Let’s pray his wife and children will be safe from attack, and that God will put a wall of protection around them. And let’s pray for justice, that these dreadful crimes will not go unnoticed, and that righteousness will be served by our Lord. 

God, please hear our prayers for our dear brother Jashim and his family.