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We all believe in the Great Commission—

Jesus' call to go into the world and preach the Gospel to every creature. But rarely do we get the chance to do something this unique to protect the church and help God's Word advance in the world's most vulnerable places.

We’ve created a centralized resource to help you to share

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We're present in over 60 countries

Open Doors works to support Christians and church communities who courageously live out their faith in places where they may be harassed, assaulted, raped, abducted, imprisoned and even killed for believing in Jesus.

We would appreciate if you would invite your church members to consider pledging a monthly gift of any amount to provide Bibles, emergency aid, legal advice, trauma counseling, and many more services to churches, families, and individual believers who need it most.

You can download materials to help you present this opportunity to them below.

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