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Today, Christians all over the world are pressured, arrested, attacked or killed for their faith.

By giving monthly, you can provide your persecuted family with critical support and emergency relief.

When you join the Frontline Partner program, you will join a community of thousands of believers supporting persecuted Christians all over the world.

You can also hear from persecuted believers through our new mobile prayer app. Text PRAYER to 32500 to download it.

What can you do as a member of the Frontline Partner program?

How it works

Your monthly gift provides critical emergency relief and ongoing support—making a huge difference to local Christians around the globe.

Through the Frontline Partner program, your support will be a consistent lifeline to your suffering brothers and sisters when they need it the most.

Where your gifts go

We work in countries all over the world where it’s most dangerous and difficult to be a Christian. Places like North Korea, Iraq, Pakistan, India, Syria—and many others. Through your gifts, you’ll be there, too.

We take you to the frontline of Christian persecution through prayer, stories and connections to local believers.

Our vision

We want to see persecuted Christians thrive, not just survive, and be the light of Jesus in their difficult situations.

We want to see you join thousands of others who fiercely believe in helping the Church survive—to preach the gospel in places where it seems impossible to follow Jesus.


As a part of the Frontline Partner program, you'll have a deep connection to your sisters and brothers who risk everything to follow Jesus. Your gifts and prayers mean they stand strong for Jesus, and you'll get regular updates about how your gifts are impacting lives.


Through the Global Christian Relief Prayer App, the Prayer Force Alert calendar and website stories, you'll hear from persecuted believers and how they invite you to pray with them.


We invite you to hear the stories of your persecuted family and learn what they face each day—and how God's hope is still present. The stories can be hard, but God's faithfulness never fails.


When you join the Frontline Partner program, you'll receive weekly emails sharing the inspiring stories of courageous faith from persecuted Christians worldwide. You'll stay connected and learn how you can help them know they're never alone.


By becoming part of the Frontline Partner team, you won't have to wonder how you can help persecuted Christians—you already are. Your monthly support will mean that in emergencies or in situations that will take years to restore, you are helping God's people stand strong for Him.

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