The fate of India's Christians is on the line

They need your rapid response today

“They destroyed our house just because we believe in Jesus Christ.”

Mohan, a believer in India

Your persecuted family in India needs your urgent prayer and support


Our reports from the field show that violence and injustice against Christians is on a deadly rise by more than 400 percent in recent years.

Believers in India are often shunned, unjustly arrested, attacked—even killed—because they choose to follow Jesus and not Hinduism or the local religion.

Will you help give Christians in India a future hope?

Our Indian family needs the prayer and support of the global church to stand strong in the midst of persecution—and to remain a light for Christ in the world’s second-most populated country.

By giving a gift today, you will help Christians in India with relief and aid after attacks, food and basic needs, Bibles, persecution training, legal assistance and so much more.

Meet your persecuted family in India

India's Christians are at a tipping point

Will you help give suffering believers hope?

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Watch Mohan's Story

The village leaders gave Mohan and his family a choice—deny Jesus or leave the village. Mohan and his family refused to reject Jesus so the leaders gathered others from the community and stormed his home—pulling his front door off its hinges, yelling and waving bamboo sticks. “You don’t worship the god of this village!” they cried, as they began to beat him.

Mohan and his family escaped, but they lost their home and their farmland—they lost everything. But Mohan’s story doesn’t end there. Open Doors is standing with him and other Christians in India through emergency relief and aid—and through your prayer and support …

You can, too.

Now is the time to join our persecuted family in India through passionate prayer and support. If we don’t act, there’s a real chance the church in India won’t survive.

Here are just a few ways your gifts could help suffering believers in India:

$13 could help provide a food kit to a Christian family in need
$24 could help send a believer to a one-day persecution preparedness seminar
$55 could provide Sunday school material to a church
$110 could help give legal assistance to a believer unjustly accused
$198 could provide medical assistance to a believer in need

When asked if he would still choose Jesus—Mohan looks up and says, “Yes. It’s worth it to walk with [Him].”


Abishek, one of our partners on the ground in India, says, “We help [believers] if their house is burnt. If they’ve been beaten up, we take them to hospital. If they’ve been expelled from their village, we give them shelter.”

Your Christian family in India is at a tipping point, and they need your help.

Will you stand with your persecuted family—when they need it the most?

Photography by © Brittany Buongiorno
Short films by Ben Stamper

Give them hope

If God is laying it on your heart to support your persecuted brothers and sisters in India, we invite you to join us by giving today.

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