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Send Bibles

See how God’s faithful servants risk it all for the Gospel

In this exclusive video, we meet courageous believers who print, smuggle and deliver Bibles to strengthen believers with the Word—even where it’s forbidden.

Watch their dangerous journey of delivering Bibles to believers.

Bibles comfort persecuted Christians in their darkest hour

Please help provide God’s Word wherever the need is greatest. Will you give as generously as you can to provide Bibles and grow the Church today?

What a bible means toin Pakistan.
• Spiritual nourishment• Encouragement and hope

• Strengthening of faith and identity

• Community and connection

• Perseverance and courage

The Bible is food for those hungering for God in times of need

Amid extreme violence, hatred and discrimination, your persecuted family is desperate for the living water of Jesus Christ. Will you help quench their thirst?

In some countries, being caught with a physical Bible can mean death.

Digital Bibles can be mass produced and more easily smuggled into dangerous countries. They can also be added to mobile devices and hidden from family members or authorities—protecting secret believers in hostile environments to the faith.

Around the world, roughly 780 million people are illiterate, but now they can hear scripture.

Audio Bibles help those who can’t read due to lack of education opportunities or physical disability—experience the power and promises in God’s Word. Audio Bibles are also great resources for those who don’t have a Bible in their own language.

Send a Bible to your persecuted family now

Every gift of $5 today can strengthen a suffering Christian with something truly special: their very own Bible.

Your $50 gift could supply 10 Bibles for 10 believers

enough for a small group Bible study.

Your $150 gift could provide 30 Bibles for 30 believers

enough for a small home church fellowship!

Your $300 gift could provide 60 Bibles for 60 believers

equipping them to share the Word with others.

We want to see persecuted Christians thrive, not just survive, and be the light of Jesus in their difficult situations—and they need God’s Word to make this possible.

Stand with your family, today.