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Christian Persecution Stories

Current Examples of Christian Persecution Today

The Christian persecution stories featured here reveal how, all around the world, believers are experiencing threats, violence and discrimination because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Many persecuted Christians have been driven away from their homes and displaced by mob violence. Meanwhile, others suffer in prison due to false blasphemy charges. Some have been subjected to terrorism, kidnappings, assault and martyrdom. The articles below detail individual accounts of persecution.

Persecuted Sudanese believer escapes death threats from family

Persecuted Christians from Egypt have child taken

14-year-old persecuted Pakistani believer executed by extremists

15 persecuted believers from Burkina Faso martyred at church

Persecuted Egyptian Christian prays for son’s murderers

Serving persecuted Christians around the world

Persecuted Pakistani Christian lives free of bonded slavery

North Korean refugee shares Christ’s love with fellow nationals

Persecuted Burkinabe believer inspired by grandmother’s faith