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Your Generosity Makes a Difference

This past year was one of persecution and trials for our brothers and sisters all around the world. From Chhattisgarh to Jaranwala, Christians faced persecution on a scale never known before. So many confronted seemingly hopeless situations.

But you helped shine a light for Christ. It’s because of your generosity that Global Christian Relief showed up and brought aid, healing and the love of Jesus to so many struggling.

Your partnership and prayers made all the difference. Read on below to see how your gifts were used for the kingdom, and how your love crossed borders to help lift the weary heads of so many believers.

Southeast Asia


believers were provided a roof over their heads after being displaced by radical Indian mobs in Chhattisgarh, India.

SD cards that contained the local translations of the bible arrived in Nepal and given to young Christians leaders who will disciple the nation.

In these countries, like India and Pakistan, authoritarian regimes are closing the noose around Christianity, trying to drive it from their land for good, creating a ground fertile for extremists. Radicals are well-organized, clever and effective, pouncing on so many unsuspecting.

However, generous donors like you allowed Global Christian Relief to encourage and sustain believers driven from their homes—in places like Chhattisgarh—with emergency food kits. These persecuted families sincerely thank you for the provision and prayers during their time of need.

Central & East Asia


families received warm clothes, mattresses,blankets, food and hygiene packages after the devastating earthquake in Syria and Turkey.

hungry Afghan fathers, mothers and children were provided for with 368,172 pounds of food.

brick kiln workers in Pakistan were provided medical care and medicine, and 35 people were freed from bonded slavery in Pakistan’s notorious brick kilns.

Rulers are using next level technology to not only limit Christianity but monitor every move believers make. Governments are listening and watching, in countries like China and North Korea, ready to intervene at the slightest move out of their control. Christians are seen as less than, and some even carry the jobs equivalent to modern day slaves.

Through your gifts, though, Global Christian Relief has strengthened the persecuted with food, mobile medical care, youth education and loud-speaker audio Bibles, so they are never without the hope of Jesus.

Middle East | North Africa


Bibles were smuggled into Iran and distributed to believers and 40 house churches.

In so many of these countries, it is hardest to be a Christian. In places like Afghanistan, finding one out to be a believer can lead to arrest, torture and even death. The stakes couldn’t be higher in this land where some of the first Christians prophesied. Even so, many are coming to believe, and the love of Christ is at work.

This past year, you helped continue Global Christian Relief’s legacy as Bible smugglers. You supported an underground printing press in the Middle East, where Bibles are printed and then smuggled through a complex underground network into countries like Iran where there is a thirst for God’s Word.

Sub-Saharan Africa


pounds of food provided for displaced Christian families!

Christians forced from their homes in Burkina Faso were given enough food to last them a month.

600 million Christians live in this region, but here persecution is extremely violent and targeted, especially in countries like Nigeria and Burkina Faso. Radicals divide believers and drive them from their homes. Millions are living displaced with only the clothes on their backs.

But your gifts brought hope. Global Christian Relief has been able to shelter countless and provide them with food and medical aid. GCR also championed a campaign to get the Bible into the hands of believers in Hindu and Muslim-majority nations.