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Christian in Burkina Faso no longer rejected for her faith

April 25, 2024 by Chandler Peterson in Persecuted Christians in Burkina Faso

I was born in Ivory Coast, but moved to the neighboring country of Burkina Faso. Although I was taught to revere the Quran, I found faith in Jesus more than 20 years ago. I married a fellow Christian and we began attending church together.

A Christian in Burkina Faso rejected by her family

When my father, who remained in Ivory Coast, got word of my conversion, he became very angry and traveled all the way to Burkina Faso to speak with me in person.

He sat me down and warned me that, because of my faith, he would no longer acknowledge me as his daughter. He warned me, “If you ever encounter any difficulties in life, hopefully your church will be there for you, because I will not.”

My father forced me to return to Ivory Coast with him, leaving my husband behind in Burkina Faso. Before I left, my pastor encouraged me to remain strong in Christ. He told me to trust that God would protect and provide for me during that time of isolation. I never abandoned my faith in God. After one year in Ivory Coast, I found a way to return to my husband and my church.

But even then, my troubles were not over. After some time, my father visited once again. I asked him to forgive me and accept me as his daughter. He was not ready to accept me completely and told me that my elder brother had said he would never forgive me. My brother had told him that if I still refused to deny Jesus, I was no longer his sister.

A family reconciled

I knew I had brought deep shame to my family, and the only way it could be rectified was if they cut off contact with me. For three years, no one in my family spoke to me. During this time, I remained firm in my faith. By the grace of God, eventually, my father forgave me. Now, I talk on the phone regularly with my family and visit home when I can.

As a Christian in Burkina Faso, I know many former Muslims who convert to Christianity do not experience this type of reconciliation with their families, just as Jesus warned us in Matthew 10 that we will be hated for His name’s sake, “but the one who stands firm to the end will be saved.” I am very grateful for the gift of reconciliation, the chance I have to be a witness to my family and for all God has done for me. 

Let’s pray for Salimata and thank God for the gifts he has given her.

Father, thank you for keeping Salimata strong in her faith. Please use her to bring her family to faith in You. Give Salimata the courage to continue to cling to you despite the opposition she faces. 

Bless Salimata, her children and her husband. Let them grow stronger in their love for you and for each other. In Your name we pray, amen.

About the author
Chandler Peterson is a staff writer and editor for Global Christian Relief where she shares stories of Christian persecution. Read the latest Christian persecution stories on our website and learn more at

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