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Frontline Partners sustain persecuted Christians around the globe

April 15, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Frontline Partners

Around the world, believers experience increasing levels of threats, discrimination and violence simply because of their faith in Jesus Christ. Global Christian Relief’s Frontline Partner monthly giving program is a response to this ballooning crisis of Christian persecution.

A community of incredible generosity, Frontline Partners choose to stand in the gap; They commit to providing much-needed support to our persecuted family in the short and long-term—which ultimately advances the Great Commission in some of the darkest corners of the Earth.

The Frontline Partner program is a fulfilling opportunity that enables the Body of Christ to serve as a first line of defense for our persecuted brothers and sisters … to stand in solidarity with the vulnerable and send them a powerful message: they’re never alone.

We recently spoke to Donna, a longtime Frontline Partner and supporter of the persecuted church, who detailed her personal experience as a monthly giver. “I started giving in support of the persecuted church back in the 1980’s. It’s been decades,” she said. “I knew that, through my giving, I could be a part of sending the Word into these [closed] places. What an incredible opportunity.”

Initially, Donna gave what she could. “I started out small, maybe $10 or $15 a month. I had a heart for sending Bibles out into the world, but I wasn’t making a lot of money at the time. Still, I knew every gift makes a difference. Later in life, I went on to run a business with my husband … he has a healthy fear of the Lord and believes that our monthly Frontline Partner gift is a good use of our resources. We like to tithe on the earnings from our business … We were able to increase our monthly giving over time.”

Become a Frontline Partner today and take a stand for the persecuted church through your monthly giving.

As a Frontline Partner recurring giver, Donna has come to really enjoy making a monthly contribution. “I feel it’s a spiritual gift and a blessing to give regularly in support of the persecuted church,” she emphasized. “I would be sad if I couldn’t give every month.”

To that end, Donna saw the spiritual fruit of her generosity firsthand when she went to an event supporting the persecuted church. “As I was giving monthly and praying, I read about a persecuted Christian who was shot in the eye and left for dead. I prayed that this man would be filled with the love of God, and that his enemies would come to faith.

“Years later, I attended a convention on religious freedom and in walked this man that I had prayed for. He was oozing God’s love—despite being blind—and he spoke of leading his enemies to Christ. I saw my prayers answered right before my very eyes. That was a really powerful experience for me.”

Donna says that her participation in the Frontline Partner program has enhanced her faith walk and prayer life. “I have a heart for the world—and GCR connects me with the needs of the world. Once a week, my friends and I will get on a call for an hour and we will pray for the world,” she explained. “I will check the GCR Prayer App first to see if there is anything I’ve missed. We pray the prayers in the Prayer Force Alert monthly prayer bulletin.”

She also benefits from the connection and community with GCR. “I love … [the invitations to] special webinars to hear from GCR partners on the ground. I also look forward to what I get in the mail,” Donna shared. “I have met [GCR President & CEO] David Curry at a couple of conferences. I believe the advocacy is really important. We have to be concerned about the Body of Christ and what’s happening in the political arena. Real change can’t be accomplished without the advocacy component. I like that Global Christian Relief is concerned about both of these things.”

As a Frontline Partner monthly giver, Donna takes comfort in knowing that her generosity is going where it’s needed most. “I trust the team at Global Christian Relief to administer my gift to the best of their ability. If I were to choose how it should best be utilized, I would just be guessing,” she said. “You all know the best way to use it and that gives me confidence in my giving.”

Donna went on to describe why it’s so important to her to sustain her hurting brothers and sisters, month after month.

“I have heart for people who don’t have a voice; the need of the persecuted church is just on my heart,” she exclaimed. “There are certainly many other organizations doing great work … but Global Christian Relief is doing the job that most people don’t even think of.

“GCR is getting down and dirty in dangerous places, making the most of what I can give; You are going where other people don’t go … I know that GCR is using the smarts that are necessary for today’s challenges. You all are raising the bar, using everything. Whereas other organizations are going about things in a standard way, you are going about things more strategically.”

We are truly grateful for Donna’s long-time support—along with thousands of others who comprise the Frontline Partner community. We invite you, too, to make an eternal impact on the lives of persecuted Christians everywhere by joining today.

When persecuted Christians are afflicted by Islamic terrorists or Hindu mob violence, they are often forced to flee for their lives. As a result, they are left with absolutely nothing: no home, no food—and nowhere to turn. Your monthly, recurring support as a Frontline Partner can provide the emergency relief they so desperately need, including food, medicine, Bibles and safe shelter, plus long-term support to start again. We invite you to learn more about our Frontline Partner community today.

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