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GCR Advocacy in the News

June 4, 2024 by Josh Depenbrok in Advocacy

Two members of our GCR Advocacy Team—Ambassador Sam Brownback and Miles Windsor—recently penned articles for prominent news outlets highlighting the significance of religious freedom.

May 27, 2024— “The Importance of Religious Freedom in a Critical Election Year”—Miles Windsor, Newsweek 

As both the UK and US face upcoming elections, there is a pressing need to focus on international religious freedom (IRF). IRF is a universal humanitarian concern that allows people to follow their beliefs without fear. With continuing global instability and polarization, new and existing leaders must prioritize religious freedom. It’s crucial for democratic societies and global security.


May 13, 2024— “China Invokes Religious Persecution & Oppression Around the Globe” —Sam Brownback, Washington Times  

China’s partnership with Russia has expanded into the realm of religious oppression. It particularly targets groups of believers who pose no threat to either country. Following Nicaragua’s alignment with China, that country has also joined the crackdown of peaceful religious adherents. Nicaragua has imprisoned Catholic leaders, shut down churches, and created a global environment hostile to religious freedom.


April 24, 2024— “Religious Freedom is Back on the Agenda” —Miles Windsor, The Critic 

Despite recent scandals and divisive legislation, the UK Parliament is seeing progress with the International Freedom of Religion or Belief Bill. Supported across party lines, the bill aims to establish a permanent office for religious freedom while highlighting the importance of religious freedom as a foundation for stable and prosperous societies. It also emphasizes the need for international efforts to protect this fundamental right.


April 19, 2024— “Congress will decide if they help Ukraine fight a war on faith, freedom or not” —Sam Brownback, Washington Times 

To understand at least part of Russia’s invasion of Ukraine, it’s crucial to recognize the role of religion in Putin’s motivations. The 2018 creation of the independent Orthodox Church of Ukraine weakened Moscow’s spiritual influence. It’s a key factor for Putin, who has strong ties with the Russian Orthodox Church. With many Ukrainians supporting this new church, Putin saw a threat to his vision of a “Russian World” and its related influence over Orthodox Christianity. The invasion reflects his fear of a free, independent Ukraine challenging his authoritarian control, and emphasizes the importance of religious freedom in the broader conflict.  

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