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Horrific assault on persecuted believers in India

July 21, 2023 by Tim Dustin in Persecuted Christians in India


The video, which was just released, dates back to early May, when tensions throughout Manipur were at their highest. The camera follows two terrified women being forced to walk through a crowd of majority-Hindu Meiteis as they are beaten with sticks and canes and assaulted. The women are then taken to a field where the violence continues. 

The women appear to be from the Kuki tribe—a tribe that’s been at the heart of Manipur violence, and a tribe that is majority Christian. 

Although this ghastly incident occurred two months ago, only now are arrests being made—now that the video has gone public. Four men have been arrested and over three dozen are being interrogated in relation to the sexual assault which occurred.  

Despite the ongoing violence in Chhattisgarh and Manipur, Narendra Modi, India’s Prime Minister, had remained silent. That is, until today: 

“My heart is filled with grief and anger,” Modi shared. “The incident in Manipur is shameful for any civil society. What happened with the daughters of Manipur can never be forgiven … the law will take its course with all its might.” 

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India’s Supreme Court has also ordered local and federal authorities to take action, that the perpetrators be held accountable so further incidents will not be repeated. The court even went on to say, “Using women as instruments for perpetrating violence is simply unacceptable in a constitutional democracy.” 

This is an emotional and heart-wrenching story. Will you please join us in praying? 

Father God, we pray peace over Chhattisgarh, Manipur and India. There is so much prejudice, hatred and tension. We pray You will bring revival to the country and calm hearts. We ask You pour Your perfect peace out from the east to the west. 

We pray for leadership in India, that they will address these hostilities and not turn a blind eye. We pray for executive action and justice. We pray for Your wisdom and discernment and that Christian lives will be protected by those in greatest power.  

Hear our cries for a desperate people. Amen.  

About The Author
Tim Dustin is a staff writer for Global Christian Relief, a nonprofit Christian ministry whose mission it is to amplify the voices of Christian persecution and help vulnerable believers so they can spread the gospel and advance the Great Commission. You can learn more by visiting our website at

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