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Kaamil suffers a food and labor shortage in Afghanistan

November 17, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Middle East

Before the US withdrew from Afghanistan, Kaamil worked as a wood cutter in the timber industry. He enjoyed his daily labor, and it was this prosperous livelihood that allowed him to feed his growing family.

But everything changed in August of 2021 when the Taliban resumed control of the nation. Today, Kaamil can no longer find work. He suffers from a labor shortage in Afghanistan. He shared his personal experience with our team on the ground:

“The Taliban has restricted us from cutting wood in the mountains and taking it to the market,” describes Kaamil. “Because of this, we have no income, and our needs are great.”

In the last two years, countless Afghan men have watched their jobs disappear—while local shops and small businesses fail due to dire economic instability. Meanwhile, Afghan women & girls have been ordered to stay home, depriving families of supplementary income and educational opportunities.

In these current times, alternative jobs are difficult to come by. “I want to work, but there is no economy, no work to be found. Our family is hungry and needs help,” explains Kaamil.

To make matters worse, Pakistan plans to deport up to 1.5 million Afghans who had previously fled their homeland due to war, famine and more.

200,000 of these individuals have already arrived back in Afghanistan and more will soon follow. That means the dwindling food supply will be stretched even thinner, leaving countless families struggling to put food on the table.

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The issue of a food and labor shortage in Afghanistan is affecting both Christians and Muslims alike. Let’s call on the Lord to meet the needs of these people now. 

God, we lift up hurting fathers like Kaamil, who simply want to work and provide for their wives and children. Lord, we ask You to make a way where there is none. In Your compassion, please revive the Afghan economy and provide jobs so that these families do not suffer from the gnawing effects of hunger.

We pray that Afghan men would see their livelihoods restored. We pray that the women would be able to help their families make ends meet and that Afghan girls would be able to return to school. Bring healing, order and stability to the nation of Afghanistan. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

*Please note: A representative name has been used to preserve Kaamil’s security and anonymity.

About the author
Abigail Hart writes for Global Christian Relief. She shares daily the issue of persecution around the world and how Christ’s family is rising up in spite of it. Get the latest stories and prayer requests at

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