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Persecuted believer in Nigeria murdered by terrorists

November 1, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

Maigari Ben, a community leader, says, “Muslim terrorists killed Mr. Sunday Akor, the only Christian teacher in our village. All the other teachers had already fled our community for fear of terrorist attacks. Akor said he could not leave our village because he sees his service in our community not just as a job, but as a Christian ministry. He died for a cause he strongly believes in.”

Ben adds, “Akor left his native village in Central Nigeria to live with us, ultimately paying the supreme price of being martyred for his steadfastness in his work for his Savior, Jesus Christ.”

These kinds of attacks are not a first-time occurrence in Northwest Nigeria. Earlier this year, two pastors and their wives were kidnapped in separate incidents from the same area in Kaduna State.

Istifanus Ma’aji, a local resident, tells Global Christian Relief, “Many Christian communities in Kaduna State have been living at the mercy of terrorists and bandits, who have been killing, maiming and kidnapping residents with reckless abandon.”

In John 15:13, Jesus says, “Greater love has no one than this: to lay down one’s life for one’s friends.” Sunday Akor loved his job and the individuals he was able to minister to on a daily basis. He was ultimately killed because of his commitment to his ministry.

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Will you join us in praying healing over this loss of life in Kaduna State?

Father God, we come before You with heavy hearts over these deaths in Nigeria. Hundreds have already been killed this year for their faith in Nigeria alone, but we see each loss as an individual—a person with hope and a future.

We ask You wrap Your arms around these families who lost loved ones. Bless them with peace and healing during this time of confusion and hurt. We pray for the community, that they will find freedom to mourn the loss of Mr. Akor—such a dedicated, Godly teacher. And we pray for those who took these three lives. You can work miracles. Touch these extremists, that their hearts may bow down low before You.

Hear our prayers, Lord. Amen.

*A representative photo of a persecuted believer in Nigeria

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