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Persecuted believer in Pakistan faces prison for sharing video

August 24, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Turkey

Authorities have arrested and formally charged Rocky & Raju with insulting the prophet Muhammad; if convicted, they face the death penalty. And it appears the legal proceedings are moving quickly. In fact, a family member reports that the two brothers have already appeared before a judicial magistrate assigned to handle criminal matters.

As a reminder, Rocky & Raju had been involved in a property dispute with local Muslims prior to the riots. As such, the Christian community believes the brothers have been framed in a sinister plot to usurp their land.

One of our contacts on the ground, Pastor Jay, says over 200 families have been displaced. Some believers are cautiously returning to the charred remnants of their former homes in the city of Jaranwala, to gather what few belongings remain. But Rocky & Raju’s relatives are unable to return to their community, as they still fear for their safety.

In a new development, police have also arrested an illiterate and impoverished Christian man, Ehsaan Shan, for simply sharing a video on social media related to the mob incident. If convicted, Ehsaan, a persecuted believer in Pakistan, faces life in prison.

Given the heightened state of Christian persecution in Pakistan, a local leader named Bishop Daniel says the church is quietly encouraging believers in Jaranwala to be extremely careful with anything discussed in public or via social media.

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It’s clear that Rocky, Raju and Ehsaan need our fervent intercession at this time. And our displaced family needs to know that the Body of Christ stands with them. Let’s pray with power and authority right now.

Lord, we come boldly to Your throne, pleading on behalf of our brothers in Christ: Rocky, Raju and Ehsaan. God, please move mightily to vindicate our persecuted family members. Shield them from the lies of the enemy and break open the prison doors.

Father, we also lift up the 200 displaced Christian families who no longer have homes. Comfort them in their loss and meet their every need. Reveal Yourself as a friend to the persecuted believer in Pakistan, give them hope for the future and remind them that they have an eternal home with You. Amen.

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