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Persecuted believer living in Burkina Faso kicked out by family

December 1, 2023 by Pastor Moses in Persecuted Christians in Burkina Faso

Francine’s father became sick and stayed in a nearby hospital for regular treatments. But he never fully recovered from his illness. One night, upon returning from the hospital, Francine’s uncle told her, “Once your father dies, I will kick you, your mother and all of your younger siblings out of the house.” Just a couple days later, her father died.

Before his death, Francine’s father made a deal to sell his cotton farms so his family would have money and provision after his death. Then when he died, secretly, Francine’s uncle sold the cotton farms to another buyer. He went to a nearby village and squandered all the money on alcohol. When that money ran out, he returned to the house and sold Francine’s father’ belongings, as well as the family’s cows, goats and sheep. Francine and her family were left with nothing.

Sometime later, Francine’s uncle did try to kick Francine and her family out of the house, but they refused to leave. In response, her uncle declined to provide them with food and other necessities.

Francine’s grandmother agreed to take Francine to her home village, to a place where she could be provided for and also continue her education. But there were only more problems on the way.

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In talking about that time, Francine says, “When we arrived [at her grandmother’s village], she would not let me go to school. I helped her with housework and selling snack cakes. She told others that I had wanted to quit school. She also forbid me from going to church because of her Muslim faith.”

Feeling where they were living was unsafe, due to concern of terrorist attacks, Francine and her grandmother moved to a nearby town. Francine says,

“When we arrived, I found the church, but my grandmother refused to let me go. Eventually, I started to attend church on Sundays—in secret. The pastor’s wife realized that I always came late on Sunday. I told her my story. I told her I was displaced, with no food to eat and no job. I asked the Pastor’s wife to help me find a job. The Pastor and his wife said that they would let me stay in their home while I looked for a good job.”

Francine now lives with her pastor’s family. She’s able to attend church services. She’s even involved in the youth choir and evangelism team. Francine is slowly feeling hopeful about her future.

Francine has sent along some prayer requests. Will you join us in praying for her now?

Lord, we see Francine and are grateful for her dedication to You and her faith. She’s been through so much loss and trauma, but You’ve kept her safe and by Your side.

Continue to work in her life and help her stand strong in You. Protect her faith against the schemes of evil.

We ask, Lord, that You bring a strong Christian man into her life, that she’ll find a good partner for marriage and have a family that will glorify You.

And we ask You bless her with a great job and provision. Open doors for her, that she might be able to provide for herself and her family. You see this young girl and have an amazing plan for her. Work in her life, Father, and do incredible things. Amen.

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