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Persecuted Burkinabe believer inspired by grandmother’s faith

February 15, 2024 by Moses V. in Persecuted Christians in Burkina Faso

When she was only 2-years-old, Aminata moved in with her grandmother, an appointment Aminata believes was from God. Commenting on those early years in her life, Aminata says, “She [Awa] used to bring me to church every Sunday.” Awa raised Aminata as if she were her own daughter, and she made sure the love of Jesus was a core part of her life. Aminata learned a lot in church and was thrilled with how much Jesus loved her and wanted to be her friend. When she became a teenager, with her grandmother present, she accepted Jesus into her heart.

Being a Christian was not a popular decision in Aminata’s family. After she became a Christian, she returned home for the holidays and attended a church in the city. In her own words, “My family told me it was not good to follow Jesus, and that only crazy people are Christians.”

One day, Aminata’s father asked her plainly why she went to church. She responded, “Jesus is the only way to Heaven.” Stunned at her answer, he told her to stop attending Sunday services. She said she wouldn’t. Then he physically beat her. He beat her every Sunday when she returned from church. Aminata says, “I could not get help from any one to save me from my father’s hands.”

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Aminata fled the abuse from her father and returned to live with her grandmother. Unfortunately, her father followed her and moved to the same city. He opened a business and forced Aminata to work for him, especially on Sundays to prevent her from going to church. After a short time, she told her father she would stop working on Sundays. He threatened her: “I will not pay for your tuition or education. Go to your Jesus to pay for you.”

Although her father has stopped paying for her education, she has continued to find ways to pay for it herself. She says, “Praise God.”

When asked how she remained faithful through the persecution of her father, Aminata says, “I was not discouraged in the midst of my father’s abuse, and I continued to attend church despite the consequences. I did not waiver when he refused to invest in my schooling.  I know that I have eternal life, and I trust in God’s provision. I am lifting my eyes to God above all, where my help comes from.”

A verse that has comforted Aminata is Proverbs 22:6: “Train up a child in the way he should go: and when he is old, he will not depart from it.” Inspired by her grandmother’s faith, Aminata became a Christian as a child, and it’s not a faith she intends on ever abandoning—no matter the cost.

Aminata has passed along some prayer requests to GCR. Join us now in prayer for this dear sister.

Lord, Aminata was threatened to stop attending church and she refused. What courageous faith. We’re inspired by her and her testimony.

We ask that You continue to help grow her faith, especially amidst persecution from her family. Continue to bless her studies, and that she’ll continue to find ways to pay for her schooling.

And, dear God, be with her family. Help them to see Aminata’s light and want the love and compassion she has. Bring them to You. Amen.

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