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Persecuted Christian from Egypt disappears while running errand

December 1, 2023 by Girgis in Persecuted Christians in Egypt

Samuel Boutros, Rauth’s husband, says, “My wife was responsible for the ministry of the church nursery at Saint Mina Coptic Orthodox church, and she was a Sunday school minister at the same church. On Thursday evening, October 26, she received a call from the archbishop’s office in Mallawi, telling her that nursery books arrived and asked her to come pick them up. She left our home in the early evening to pick up the books.”

The distance between the Boutros’ house and the archbishop’s office is close—only a 10-minute walk—so Rauth decided to walk. When hours started to pass and Rauth didn’t return, Samuel began to worry.

A photo taken of Rauth.

A photo taken of Rauth.

“I tried to call her mobile phone many times, but it was switched off. I then rushed to the archbishop’s office to check on her and find out why she was late. When I arrived, I was surprised to learn that my wife had never arrived.”

Samuel called Rauth’s two brothers and asked if they knew where she was, but they didn’t. They then rushed over to Samuel’s house and began placing calls, seeing if anyone knew where Rauth was. No one had seen her. Samuel then went to the police station to report his wife missing.

“The police officers welcomed us and took an interest in the matter. They investigated and made a lot of effort to find her.”

On Friday morning, Samuel received a phone call from the police that they had found Rauth’s body.

“It was a big shock for us when we saw Rauth. She had passed away from strangulation in a car abandoned on the edge of a canal on the outskirts of another village. Her whole body had been severely bruised. None of her belongings had been taken. The murder was not motivated by robbery.”

The Boutros family didn’t have any enemies. They had never received any type of threats before. Samuel says, “My wife was a very kind, peaceful person and loved by everyone.”

In reflecting on the loss of his wife, Samuel says, “We cannot live without her. She left a huge void in our lives. The situation is extremely difficult for us. Please pray for us fervently that God comforts, strengthens and support us.”

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Initial investigations revealed that the car owner was a Coptic man named Beshara Nagy Askarws. However, it is unlikely he was the perpetrator because he passed away of a heart attack in the hospital the same night of Rauth’s death. It is believed his car was found empty by the perpetrator and then used. There are no further leads.

In Isaiah 30:18, we’re told that our God is a God of justice. We pray the murderer of Rauth will be held accountable for their actions. And as much as we pray closure for the family, we also pray this individual will come to know Christ—that their life will be flooded with Jesus’ unending love and that they will seek repentance from God and the family alike.

Will you join us in praying over this situation in Egypt?

Father God, our hearts break for the Boutros family. We can’t imagine losing a loved one in this way—with no answers or explanations. We pray for Your unending peace in their lives. Touch them and let them feel Your presence during this time of mourning. Please strengthen and support them.

We pray for the police and investigators. Please bless them with the wisdom they need to find the murderer, that this person might be brought to justice and bring closure to the Boutros family.

And God, we also pray for the individual who carried out this crime. They snuffed out a light that was burning brightest. We pray for Your perfect lawfulness, but we also pray this individual will come to know You and repent before Your perfect ways. Amen.

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