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Persecuted Christian in Egypt kidnapped

May 18, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Egypt

Marina worked at a salon, but was ready to leave after she discovered the owner, Hassan, had ties to an Islamic terrorist group. A woman named Bahar, masquerading as a friend, lured Marina with the promise of a job at a different salon. Marina was excited for the new opportunity, but had no idea Bahar was, in fact, teaming up with Hassan.

Marina’s husband, Halim, sat down with GCR and shared, “At about 12:45 p.m., Marina called and said that Bahar was waiting for her at the Metro. I asked Marina to meet her and bring her to our home as a guest. 

“Marina went out to meet Bahar, but her mobile phone then switched off. After she didn’t return home, I tried to call her many times, but it was always switched off. I searched for her everywhere, but I couldn’t find her. That very evening, I filed a police report on my wife’s disappearance, but the report wasn’t filed until three days later. The police have done nothing to help me. I haven’t seen or heard from Marina since.” 

However, the very day of her disappearance, a document was submitted for a new ID, claiming Marina now identified as Muslim. Halim is certain his wife was kidnapped and forced into conversion. For months, he’s searched for her and tried to find justice, but he’s only hit one brick wall after another. 

“I asked the church to help me. The church said, ‘This is a difficult issue. We are praying, but we can’t do anything because many powerful people are involved.’ They told me Hassan is supported by important people.” 

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Will you join us in praying over this frightening story? First and foremost, let’s pray for Marina and her safety; pray she will be comforted by angels and full of peace and love wherever she is. Pray for Halim, that he won’t grow weary in searching for his wife, but will be renewed daily in his pursuit. And let’s pray for those who have taken Marina, that they will immediately release her back to her family and that she will again be able to live a life in freedom and faith.

Father God, we pray over this haunting situation. Please hear our prayers for our dear sister and her family.

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