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Persecuted Christian refugees from Myanmar welcomed in India

December 8, 2023 by Anto Akkara in Persecuted Christians in Myanmar

The civil war in Myanmar has been ruthless, with over 30,000 killed and another 2 million displaced. To make matters worse, churches have become soft targets, with 70 being destroyed in one state alone. Citizens had nowhere to escape the violence. But now Mizoram is a sanctuary for refugees.

Denpa*, a local Indian official, says, “An overwhelming majority of the refugees are ethnic Chin Christians. The Chin youth are opposing the army repression, leading to the influx of refugees here in Mizoram. Because of their faith, they faced persecution.”

What’s heart-breaking is that many arrive in Mizoram wounded, collateral damage from the civil war.

Kan*, a student in Myanmar, was rushed to Mizoram for emergency medical care. A land mine exploded and took his leg. Kan says, “I was rushed to Mizoram to receive emergency treatment. My wounds healed after two months. Now I am waiting to get an artificial leg.”

In speaking of the treatment of Christians in Myanmar, Kan says, “As Christians, we face extra harassment at the hands of the military due to a strong civil disobedience movement. Life is very difficult in our underdeveloped areas.”

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Kan’s story is a familiar one in Mizoram. The care centers remain crowded with amputee youth and those tending to them. Despite the difficulties of their past and present circumstances, the refugee victims remain hopeful and gather together for prayer over weekends with a local pastor who leads them in worship.

When asked how the war in Myanmar has affected his faith, Kan says, “We still believe in God. God will help end our miserable situation.”

Will you join us now in praying for Kan and those displaced in Mizoram?

God, we come before You with these refugees from Myanmar on our hearts. Their home country is a place of war and hatred and many have fled to an unknown future. But we’re grateful for the people of Mizoram, who are welcoming these strangers with open arms. We ask You provide for the refugees in Mizoram—help them find peace in their situation and hope in their future. We ask healing for Kan, that he’ll have a quick recovery from his injuries. And we ask Your blessings over the citizens in Mizoram. May their hearts remain tender for those escaping great turmoil. Amen.

*Representative names used to preserve security

Photo caption: Kan, a wounded refugee, welcomed in India

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