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Persecuted Indian believers displaced in Manipur

January 2, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in India

In 2023, a deadly ethnic conflict broke out in Manipur between the Hindu majority Meiteis and the Christian minority Kuki-zo. Over 200 people were killed and more than 70,000 were displaced—mostly believers. An estimated 400 churches were destroyed, while approximately 7,000 houses and over a 100 villages were razed.

Tonggouching, the Haokip family’s daughter, lives in the United States and has been keeping constant tabs on her family and their situation. She says, “After years of financial struggles, my parents finally had their own home in Imphal. They lived only ten minutes from a hospital, which was very important with my brother’s needs.” Then the mob violence began.

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In an effort to curb the tensions between the Meiteis and Kuki-zo, Indian officials decided to segregate the two groups—giving each a specific area to stay in. Sadly, the Haokip home fell under a Meitei zone; the family immediately became homeless.

What’s worse, the hospital they were in close proximity to also fell under a Meitei zone. Now the Haokips are not only homeless, but in dire need of finding medical care for their son. Tonggouching’s mother, Chinboi, worries, “If a medical emergency arises, where will we take our son?”

For now, the Haokips rent a home in a nearby village, but the tension between the Meiteis and Kuki-zos continues to fester. Says Chinboi, “The militants are constantly pushing their way towards our location. If they attack our village, others can flee, but we cannot run for our lives, only to leave our son behind.” The Haokips are trying desperately to seek safe passage to a city that has a proper medical facility.

“My parents are living only 20 minutes from a dangerous border where the militants are trying to move forward. There are reports of killings taking place at the border,” says Tonggouching. “There are reports that the Meiteis are training and gathering for another final attack. My parents are not safe.”

Will you join us in praying safety and provision for the Arjuns?

God, there have been so many innocent people affected by the senseless violence in Manipur. 70,000 have been displaced. Their homes remain empty. Our hearts ache for Your peace in the region.

We think of the Haokips—persecuted Indian believers. We ask You to provide for them during this time of upheaval. Bless them with safe travel to a nearby city, so they can receive proper medical care for their disabled son. We ask You to shield this family from further attack and bless them with Your unending grace. Hear our prayers, Lord. Amen.

*Please note: The names of the Haokip family have been changed to ensure their safety and anonymity.

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