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Serving persecuted Christians in 2023

December 22, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecution updates

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2023 started with mob violence in Chhattisgarh, India. Church congregations were attacked by Hindu nationalists because of their faith. Surfaced videos of the attacks were heart-breaking. But because of your support, we were there. We were able to meet the needs of those who had nowhere else to turn.

On February 6, two deadly earthquakes hit Turkey and Syria, shattering lives and taking so much from so many. But within 24 hours after the earthquakes struck, Global Christian Relief’s teams were on the ground—relaying prayer needs in real time, working with our local partners to rush lifesaving aid and equipping churches to serve their hurting communities and be a light for the gospel.

In May, rioting and violence broke out in Manipur, India, with Christians being the target. 400 churches were burnt and destroyed. 70,000 were displaced. However, thanks to your support, we were able to open centers throughout India for displaced believers to escape to—places where they would feel safe.

In August, believers again became the targets of mob violence, this time in Jaranwala, Pakistan. Over a hundred Christian homes were burnt to the ground and dozens of churches were vandalized. Through your partnership, though, we were able to offer life-changing aid. Christians received food, shelter and small business support to help get them through their trials. One of the women we helped was Hoorab, a widowed mother of nine. After receiving life-changing relief, she said, “We now have hope for our future.”

And later in the year, GCR and our partners arrived at the brick kilns in Pakistan, a place where many Christians work back-breaking jobs as they struggle to pay off incredible and unfair debt. We met several Christian families and paid off their debt—entirely. One of men who had his debt erased was Azeeb. He said, “I prayed for freedom and God answered.”

These were just a few of the stories from this past year that you helped make possible. We’re grateful for your partnership. It’s because of you that we’re able to meet the needs of our persecuted family and let them know their brothers and sisters in Christ around the world have not forgotten them.

As we look ahead to 2024, we don’t know all the stories we will tell, but we know with God’s guidance and your generosity, we can make a life-changing impact in the lives of many. Thank you—again—for your heart for the persecuted.

About the author
Tim Dustin is a journalist for Global Christian Relief and counts it a privilege to share the stories of the persecuted with the Church around the world. Get the latest blogs and prayer requests at

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