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Thank you on behalf of the persecuted church

February 6, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecution updates

We know the needs will be great in 2024, but through your partnership we can make a difference. We can reach the slave workers in Pakistan, the attacked in Nigeria, the defectors from North Korea and others.

Join us now in prayer over this next year and let’s remain hopeful that no matter the circumstance, God will work for the good of those who love Him (Romans 8:28).

Lord, we are grateful for our donors. They have a heart for the persecuted and have given graciously and selflessly. We are thankful.

Already this year there has been great persecution against Christians. We ask, God, that You continue to provide ways for GCR to meet their needs. Bring the right donors to join us on our mission. Help us let the discriminated against know they are seen, known and never alone. That they are indeed part of a larger family in You. Amen.

About the author
Tim Dustin is a staff writer for Global Christian Relief where he gets to share the courageous stories of the persecuted with the Church around the world. Get the latest blogs and prayer requests at

Nigeria remains an epicenter of Christian persecution. Believers are targeted because of their faith. Many have had to flee their villages with only what they can carry to escape the violent threats of extremist groups. But you can help. A gift today can make sure these believers have emergency food kits, medical aid, trauma carewhatever it takes.

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