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The best Christian apps for building healthy habits

April 16, 2024 by Chandler Peterson in Prayer App

Faith-based apps still have much to offer even as in-person gatherings have become normal again. Whether you’re looking to grow your prayer life, implement a daily Bible reading plan, connect with your friends and church community–or just replace mindless scrolling with something more edifying–Christian apps are here to help. But with so many to choose from, how can you know where to start or what to look for? These are some of our favorite apps that offer a wide variety of Christian resources.

Top 5 Best Christian Apps

1. Global Christian Relief Prayer App

As you read stories of persecuted Christ-followers around the world, you will learn how God is working in countries where Christians are not able to worship openly or are subjected to harassment and violence. Then, join the growing community in lifting these persecuted Christians up in prayer. 

  • Our favorite feature: Connect with believers through their stories, photos and videos shared with GCR and pray for them by name.
  • Helpful attributes: Discover the community that exists to pray for these believers, and find hope in coming together to pray. Share your own prayers on the Prayer Wall and read those others have posted.

2. The Bible Project

Explore videos, podcasts and classes as you read the Bible and grow deeper in your understanding. With guided studies and eye-catching illustrations, the Bible Project is not only informative but convenient and fun.

  • Our favorite feature: With a built-in Bible and learning resources that vary in length, this app is easy to use with any devotional schedule.
  • Helpful attributes: Whether you come to rediscover old and familiar stories or dive into Scripture for the first time, you’ll find that you have much to learn from The Bible Project’s study tools.

3. YouVersion Bible app

As the most popular Bible app, YouVersion has a lot to offer. Read or listen through books of the Bible, or discover topical reading plans and daily devotionals. You’ll also have the option to highlight or take notes on the text and even write your own prayers. 

  • Our favorite feature: This app offers a wide variety of translations and languages available in both audio and text form, with the option to download versions for offline reading.
  • Helpful attributes: Connect with friends by reading through plans together, sharing passages and adding encouraging comments based on their activity.

4. Bible Memory

If you’re looking for a system to help commit Scripture to memory, this app has much to offer. Bible Memory will guide you verse-by-verse as you practice writing and reciting verses. You can add specific verses or search by topic and join a Bible Memory Group to study with friends.

  • Our favorite feature: This app will track your progress in a way that’s designed to encourage you and incentivize further study.
  • Helpful attributes: Revisit previously memorized verses to keep them locked in your memory.

5. Through the Word

Make a habit of daily Bible reading with this app. Read or listen through the Bible book-by-book with guided reading plans so you can understand the broader context of each passage. Every chapter is accompanied by an approachable and short sermon highlighting important themes.

  • Our favorite feature: Since each section takes about 10 minutes, it’s easy to incorporate one chapter into your daily routine or move through several in one sitting.
  • Helpful attributes: Invite friends and church communities to read through plans with you using the “Start Together” feature.

Implement Healthy Habits

For many of us, our phones are sources of distraction and anxiety that constantly travel with us. There’s no better time to be more mindful of your screen time and making a habit of using Christian apps could help you cut down on unhealthy habits while you grow in your faith.

About the author
Chandler Peterson is a staff writer and editor for Global Christian Relief where she shares stories of Christian persecution. Read the latest Christian persecution stories on our website and learn more at

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