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Imagine fleeing a brutal regime with only the clothes on your back.

Provide emergency relief, resettlement assistance, safe housing, food aid, Bibles and more.

Be a lifeline to North Korean refugees for as little as $25.

Show North Korean believers their family in Christ has not forgotten them

You can let North Korean defectors know they are not alone.

Many escape the grave persecution of North Korea and have nowhere to turn. Will you help meet their many needs?

What your gift means to vulnerable North Korean refugees like

• Food aid after a long and strenuous journey

• Safe housing and protection from human trafficking

• Job training & resettlement assistance in foreign countries

• Trauma counseling and encouragement through God’s Word

Many who flee North Korea have never heard the gospel

Help North Korean refugees like Dongwon (pictured right) discover the love of Jesus Christ so they can embrace the Great Commission in East Asia and beyond.

Refugees escape with only what they can carry

Your generous contribution today could mean food relief, hygiene products, Bibles, job training, and a safe place to recover for refugees like Junghee (pictured left)—whatever it takes to get them back on their feet.

North Korean defectors have witnessed unspeakable horrors

You could provide hope and healing by helping to supply trauma counseling and discipleship opportunities through local ministers and refugees like Dongwon (pictured right).

Show North Korean refugees that the Body of Christ cares for them

Your one-time gift can show them that God's love is real in tangible ways.

For an even bigger impact, make a monthly gift and let our persecuted family in North Korea and beyond know the Church stands with them.

Your $25 gift

can provide 5 North Koreans with their very own Bible.

Your $45 gift

can provide emergency food aid for hungry refugees.

Your $70 gift

can help supply a defector with safe shelter.

Your $95 gift

can bring healing through trauma counseling and discipleship opportunities.

Your $125 gift

can help provide a defector with job training and income generation.


Your gift will not only help sustain North Korean refugees physically—it will nurture their faith in the darkest of times.

Thank you for making an eternal impact on North Korean refugees. Your gift could change the future of North Korea as these individuals advance the gospel in East Asia and beyond.