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Watchdog Issues Warning for Christians: Advancing AI Tech Will Have Devastating Effects on Christian Persecution

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Santa Ana, CA (April 28, 2023) Misuse of rapidlyadvancing artificial intelligence technology could have dangerous consequences for Christians around the world, warns Global Christian Relief, America’s leading watchdog of Christian persecution. As AI becomes a larger part of daily life, some national governments, terrorist groups, and other bad actors are abusing digital technology for nefarious uses, including violent attacks and oppression 

“Christians and marginalized religious groups are typically among the most vulnerable communities in many countries around the world, and the exploitation of new AI technologies could make things even worse for them,” said David Curry, CEO of Global Christian Relief. “There is tremendous upside with AI, but also tremendous risk, especially at the speed AI is evolving. We need to slow down and think through how AI is being implemented. Otherwise, the consequences for persecuted Christians and others could be disastrous.” 

In China, the CCP leads the way in utilizing AI as part of its high-tech surveillance state. More than 500 million street cameras use facial recognition technology to pick people out of crowds and pair recorded data with the country’s social credit score system. Chinese companies have exported this software to more than 60 countries.  

GCR is calling on governments to pass legislation to regulate how AI is developed and used, and in a recent article, highlighted five examples of the misuse of AI technology that could fuel persecution for Christians and other religious groups: surveillance and facial recognition; censorship and content filtering; deepfakes; predictive policing; and autonomous weapons.  

For interviews with David Curry about AI misuse against persecuted Christians, please contact Guardian at: [email protected] 

About Global Christian Relief

Global Christian Relief (GCR) is America’s leading watchdog organization focused on the plight of persecuted Christians worldwide. In addition to equipping the Western church to advocate and pray for the persecuted, GCR works in the most restrictive countries to protect and encourage Christians threatened by faith-based discrimination and violence. Dr. David Curry, president of GCR, currently serves on the United States Commission on Religious Freedom. For more information, visit