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Standing Strong Through the Storm Daily Devotional

Find out how God’s people are living for Him—no matter the cost

It can be difficult to imagine how persecuted Christians stand firm in their faith in the day-to-day pressures they face. Sometimes these believers seem almost like superheroes to Christians in the West—but they aren’t! They are part of the same family of God, going through doubts and struggle. But, they also worship the same God, who graciously gives courage and perseverance to His people.

The same God you worship … is the One who helps [your persecuted family] stand firm in their faith

In the Standing Strong Through the Storm daily devotionals, you’ll read some of the stories of your persecuted family. You’ll hear how the same God you worship in your home is the One who helps them stand firm in their faith, in the face of suffering and pressure.

Each daily email devotion is accompanied by Scripture passages to remind you that you are united with Christians all over the world—one family in Jesus. You’ll also find encouragement to respond to the stories and Bible passages you’ll read, and how you can pray with your brothers and sisters living in the hardest places

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