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Support Indians like Ashok: Brave evangelist in the face of threats

Dear Friends,

Ashok* is an Indian man who risked everything when he left his native religion of Hinduism and followed God’s call to minister in places where preaching the gospel is difficult. In his ministry, Ashok works among tribal and Hindu people where he encountered a lot of opposition to his work. He was constantly threatened—including violent statements that his family would be beaten and chased out of town. 

During those times, Ashok did not stop sharing the gospel. In fact, he began fasting and praying that God would work in the hearts of the people who persecuted him. As a result, God blessed him more and more as the number of people in his church grew. The local Hindu extremists took notice.

On the way to the hospital with his 3-year-old son for the birth of his youngest son, Ashok was dragged out of his vehicle by eight Hindu extremists. They violently beat him, threatening to stab him as they waved a sharp knife. Helplessly, his young son watched it all.

“Please stop beating my father,” he cried. “Please leave him.”

The extremists told Ashok to never talk to anyone about Jesus again and left him, bleeding, his shirt drenched in blood with injuries to his eyes and ears. Thankfully, they did not beat his son.

In the hospital, Ashok recovered physically faster than doctors expected. But what his young son saw deeply affected him. Even after many weeks, seeing his father talk to strangers was traumatic. Remembering what strangers did to his father that day, he often shouted, “Please leave my father, please don’t beat him.” 

Ashok shares: “Whenever I saw my son acting like this, my eyes would be full of tears, and I prayed to God to heal him emotionally.” Thankfully, with time, Ashok’s son was able to work through his pain. His father, however, is still very concerned about both of his children. He spends a lot of time praying for them.

Please take a moment to write a letter of encouragement to those like Ashok and his family. We want to come alongside believers like him who are bravely sharing the hope of Christ with others at great cost to themselves and their families.



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