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Watch: Elderly Christian man persecuted by violent mob

May 28, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

How an aging Christian became the target of a violent mob

Just three days ago, Nazir Masih and his son, Sultan, of Sargodha, Pakistan were falsely accused of blasphemy by local Muslim hardliners.

A pastor’s son in the community explained how the situation began: “Around 7:30 to 8:00 am, we heard announcements from the nearby mosques. The voices of local Muslims from an extremist group were proclaiming that Christians had burnt pages and disrespected the Holy Quran. They incited others and directed them to Nazir Masih’s street.”

Without researching or verifying the claims, a Muslim mob numbering in the hundreds quickly formed to brutally assault Nazir. Sadly, local police were unable to intervene on Nazir’s behalf.

The mob viciously kicked Nazir and threw bricks and stones at him while insulting his Christian faith. The angry crowd then set fire to Nazir’s shoe factory, destroying his business; they also looted and burned down his home.

After enduring hours of pain, suffering and humiliation, Nazir’s limp body was placed inside an ambulance. The mob continued the onslaught, breaking the glass of the vehicle, hurling bricks, and threatening the safety of the medical workers attempting to render aid.

Nazir was finally taken to the hospital in critical condition. He remains hospitalized with severe head injuries and is fighting for his life.

Discrimination against Christians led to false allegations

According to one local eye-witness, the false blasphemy charges arose out of pure jealousy and discrimination because the Masihs were successful in business—and faithful members of the church.

“The allegations of blasphemy against Nazir and Sultan were leveled by their neighbors,” the eye-witness said. “All of them, having been indoctrinated by their party to hate Christians, channeled their hatred to settle personal scores. The success of Nazir’s family in business was unusual and unacceptable to them.”

Pakistani Christians displaced by mob violence

Nazir’s neighborhood is home to more than 200 Christian families and four churches. During this harrowing incident, local believers were gripped by fear. The overwhelming majority of Christians made the difficult decision to evacuate their homes, fearing further violence.

Today, the area remains deserted and the Christian residents are hesitant to return. Nazir’s nephew shared that the elderly Christian and patriarch of the family is now in a coma. Even so, the family will stand firm in their faith.

Pakistani Christian Nazir Masih passes away

In an update to our original story, we are sad to report that Nazir Masih succumbed to his injuries on June 3. The elderly Christian was unable to recover from the severity of the attack after undergoing emergency head surgery at the hospital. Nazir’s body was transported back to his hometown. Watch the video below as a funeral is conducted—along with calls for justice from the Christian community.

Please join us in prayer for Nazir’s family and the Christian community in Sargodha. 

Lord, we are grateful for the life of Nazir Masih, though he was taken too soon. We thank You for his example, leading not only in business but as a faithful member of the local church. We pray that Nazir’s death would not be in vain. May this barbaric attack awaken those in the community to the hardness of their hearts and cause them to seek the peaceful way of Jesus Christ. Comfort Nazir’s family in their grief, and may they remember that You are a God of justice. Amen.

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