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Harassed for her faith, persecuted Pakistani teacher advocates for Christian women

March 18, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

The beginnings of her Christian persecution

Mehwish’s initial experience with discrimination began when her colleagues at the college marked her teacup and water glass with a prominent ‘C,’ signifying her Christian identity. These cups were marked because those in the Muslim majority said they wouldn’t use the same cups as a Christian—citing religious reasons for avoidance.

“When I noticed that my cups had the ‘C’ marked on them, I purposely hid those cups one day to see if they would still serve me from other cups. But that day, I was not served tea. They didn’t want to taint the other cups. I was shocked and stressed to learn of such religious hatred against us, especially amongst my educated colleagues,” said the persecuted Pakistani teacher. This discriminatory behavior dealt a severe blow to her spirits, leaving her feeling isolated and marginalized as a persecuted Christian. “This discrimination affected my work, energy and mental health,” she told us.

Mehwish’s Christian persecution escalates

Although this discrimination stung, the real persecution began when she faced escalating harassment from a male Muslim colleague named Farhan. Mehwish covers her head to show modesty in her culture, as many Pakistani Christian women do. For some reason, this was enraging to Farhan. He confronted her and began to persistently harass her, demanding she uncover her head, as she was not a “true believer” of Islam. Mehwish firmly defended her choice and made several complaints to administration, but she was ignored.

“After my last lecture of each day, I would often find myself alone in the staff room, waiting for transport. Farhan would intentionally linger, seizing the opportunity to harass me when I was alone. I became afraid his harassment would escalate to assault. Despite my complaints to the administration, they just adjusted the timings of my last lecture,” she revealed.

“Farhan’s harassment only intensified after my complaint. Shockingly, my female colleagues failed to support me and instead sided with him. He manipulated them with claims of wanting to marry me and convert me to his religion. He even twisted it into a religious duty, promising blessings to those who supported his cause of converting non-believers,” Mehwish recounted.

After facing continuous advances from Farhan, who even proposed marriage based on their shared Abrahamic faith and offered material possessions to entice her, the persecuted Pakistani teacher remained steadfast in her Christian convictions. She rebuffed his offers and steadfastly refused to convert to Islam. Farhan grew increasingly frustrated with Mehwish’s unwavering faith in Jesus and his teachings.

Unable to change her beliefs, he resorted to threatening and instilling fear in her and her family.  One day, during her commute home, Mehwish faced a brutal and nearly fatal attack by a group of college students. They fired bullets at Mehwish’s rickshaw, narrowly missing her. Miraculously, she escaped the attack unharmed. Later that night, Mehwish received a frightening call from Farhan, who brazenly claimed responsibility for the attack. Asserting his dominance, he issued threats against her safety if she continued to reject his advances. Mehwish and her family were shocked and dismayed.

The next morning, still reeling from the threats by Farhan, Mehwish bravely reported the incident to the college principal. However, her report was met with apathy. “The principal of the college told me that they were only responsible for my safety within the college premises and couldn’t do anything if something happened outside the college premises,” the persecuted Pakistani teacher shared, expressing her frustration at the lack of support she received.

Soon after, Farhan himself fired bullets at her in another near fatal attack. He, along with a small group of thugs, attacked her home, vandalizing the home and publicly threatening Mehwish. He demanded she accept his marriage proposal and convert to his religion. He twisted religious phrases to justify his attacks, portraying his proposals and attempts to convert her as a righteous act. This violent religious fanaticism was empowered and left unchecked by support from other staff members.

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Farhan continued to harass Mehwish daily. Faced with mounting danger, she and her family were left with no choice but to send her away from the city for her safety. She took an extended absence from work for safety reasons, but her colleagues and workplace were not supportive. Feared her dismissal, Mehwish made the heartbreaking decision to resign from her job, initially shattering her dreams and career ambitions.

God renews Mehwish’s purpose despite Christian persecution

“In my days of isolation while I was away for my safety, I turned to prayer and God’s word. His words gave me courage during my weakest moments. I found strength and inspiration in Esther 4:14, the words of Mordecai to Esther, ‘For if you remain silent at this time, relief and deliverance for the Jews will arise from another place.’ These words encouraged me to stand up for other victimized women in my community,” she shared.

“After months of isolation and reflection, God renewed my purpose. He transformed my weakness as a persecuted Pakistani teacher into strength, and I resolved to stand up for the women in my community,” she explained.

Because of her experience as a persecuted Pakistani teacher, Mehwish has chosen to tirelessly serves the church’s women’s ministry, advocating for the rights of persecuted Christian women alongside other church leaders. She stands as a fierce advocate for victims of forced conversions, child marriages, harassment and rape, offering them support, guidance and encouragement.

Mehwish ensures that victims take timely and appropriate action against their oppressors, leveraging her own experiences and God’s Word to empower others. She has become a committed and powerful advocate for justice within her community. With God’s guidance, she has found a renewed sense of purpose in serving her community and fighting for justice.

Let’s say a prayer of protection for Mehwish now.

Heavenly Father, we ask for Your continued safety to be upon Mehwish, the Christian women in her community and their families. We’re grateful You strengthened her to resist converting to Islam despite the terrible aggression she experienced. Grant Mehwish the courage to be a beacon of kindness and compassion for victimized Christian women, guiding them through the teachings of the Bible and helping them find solace and renewal in Your promises. In Jesus’ name we pray. Amen.

*Please note: Mehwish’s name has been changed to ensure her safety and anonymity. 

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