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Pastor among 20 persecuted Christians in Nigeria killed by terrorists

August 1, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Nigeria

This past attack in Nigeria is one of many against Christian communities over the past several months. This year alone in Nigeria, 300 Christians have been killed, 28 church buildings destroyed, 2000 houses demolished and 30,000 displaced.  

 Mrs. Daniel shares they heard about the coming attack, so they were able to evacuate the women, children and elderly from their village. However, her husband and other men stayed behind to protect the church and homes of the community. “My husband said to me that it would be ungodly for him to escape and abandon his members—the flock God entrusted under his care. About an hour after we evacuated, the terrorists invaded our community. They killed my husband and more than twenty other Christians in the village.”  

Despite the loss of her husband, Mrs. Daniel still gives thanks to God and says her husband “died a hero.” She continues to say, “He refused to flee and leave his flock.”

“Only Jesus Christ can comfort us Christians in Nigeria. He alone can comfort us in the Mangu area,” Mrs. Daniel says. “I would like to encourage all women, especially widows whose husbands were killed during these attacks, that the all-knowing God is the only One who can comfort us in His own way. There’s no one who can comfort us except Him. I strongly believe He will comfort us. I plead with you to hold on to Him. The Lord says He’s the father to the fatherless and the husband to widows. He promised to be with us at any time we find ourselves in difficulties. He said He’s very close to the broken-hearted.”  

What a true message of hope in the middle of tragedy. Instead of falling into despair, Mrs. Daniel has chosen to give thanks and turn to Jesus as her comforter.

Join us in prayer for our family of faith in Nigeria.

Lord Jesus, You are our ultimate comforter and peace in the middle of the storm. Would You comfort and heal the broken-hearted in this region? Fill their hearts with hope and give them the grace to overcome all the persecution they are facing. Supply shelter, refuge and necessary resources. Arise and show Yourself strong in their situation.  

In Jesus’ name. Amen.  

*Photo above: A picture taken from Pastor Daniel’s funeral

About The Author
Amanda is a staff writer for Global Christian Relief, a nonprofit Christian ministry whose mission it is to amplify the voices of Christian persecution and help vulnerable believers so they can spread the gospel and advance the Great Commission. You can learn more by visiting our website at

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Partner with us in aiding our persecuted family around the world

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