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Persecuted believer living in Pakistan finds Christ after disaster

October 30, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

In addition to offering tangible aid, our partner also invited members of Kaira’s community to a three-day training. At the training, the gospel was shared. Our partner also taught how to give a personal testimony, how to live as a member of a healthy house church and how to grow and mature as a disciple of Jesus.

Kaira attended the training and fully participated all three days. She watched the Christians closely and was deeply inspired in how they showed love for each other. Her heart was touched, and she realized she wanted the same kind of love in her own life.

Shortly after the training, Kaira had a dream that a man was giving her a rose and a Bible. In her dream, the man told her to spread the truth to others in the same way the fragrance of a rose spreads. When Kaira awoke, she told her husband, Zain*, about the dream. To her surprise, Zain said, “I have accepted Jesus already.” He told her that he wanted to follow Jesus and obey the Great Commission—to make disciples of all nations—as they had learned at the training.

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When Kaira’s parents learned that she was thinking of becoming a Christian, they immediately split her from Zain and made her live with them. They even forced her to recite their Hindu prayers. Our partner helped facilitate with Kaira’s parents on behalf of Zain, and, over time, respecting their daughter’s wishes, they allowed her to move back in with her husband.

Kaira and Zain have begun attending church regularly, and both have since been baptized.

Kaira shares, “I’m so thankful to God that my family and I have faith.”

In Matthew 28:19, Jesus says, “Therefore go and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit.” Kaira and her husband are looking forward to sharing their testimony with others from their tribe, as well as leading them to Christ and a new life in Him.

Kaira has passed along some prayer requests. Join us in praying now.

Father, we’re thankful for Kaira’s story. You took the pain of a natural disaster and were able to piece it together so one of Your beloved would come to You. We’re thankful for Kaira and her husband and we can’t wait to see how You use them to advance Your kingdom.

We ask that You strengthen their faith, one day at a time. Help them continue to learn about You and put what they learn into practice. We ask blessings of provision over Kaira and her family, that they can be financially independent. We pray for Kaira’s little boy, that he will grow up healthy and strong and be able to attend school. And we pray for Kaira’s parents, that their hearts will soften to You—that they will embrace You and everything You have to offer.

We’re grateful we know You, Lord. Hear our prayers for our dear sister and her family. Amen.

*Representative names used to preserve security.

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