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Persecuted Christian in the Middle East secretly prints Bibles

May 1, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in the Middle East

Simco, a persecuted Christian in the Middle East, grew up in a Muslim family, but later found Christ. He is now one of the leaders in his underground church. When asked what Jesus means to him, he says, “Jesus means patience, strength and purity.” Strength is a word close to Simco’s heart—a blessing he’s frequently asked for.

He’s been arrested three times. There have been attacks on his life five times. “Of these five times, in four of them, they wanted to kill me by car. In the three times I’ve been arrested, one of them I will never forget, because that time they tried to threaten my family. They said, ‘We will do something really bad to your family—to your children.’ And they did it, too. They did really bad things to my children, to try to make me deny my faith.”

But it’s been through the Holy Spirit that Simco has been able to continue his important work. He says, “The Holy Spirit that I have in my heart, He made me really strong and gave me the strength to keep going.”

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Even through continuous threats against his and his family’s lives, Simco, a persecuted Christian in the Middle East, continues running his illegal printing press. He knows the importance of his work, to get the Word of the Lord into the hands of those who have never read Its precious words before: “It’s really important for me to send the real words of God into the nations, to the people that are tired and persecuted, and to those that are tricked by false words and false gods from other religions.” He then adds these beautiful words: “The Bible is the most important book on earth. Knowing that has helped me not even think about giving up.”

Against the most severe persecution, Simco continues on. When asked how he would encourage believers in the West to be bold with their faith, he says, “Just look at us. We are in the most dangerous place to share the Bible and the gospel. Look at us and keep sharing your faith. Jesus protects you all.”

What faith and belief Simco has, especially in the power of prayer—the prayer of believers around the world: “Right now, we are still alive and have been protected because of other believer’s prayer. That’s why we are still alive.”

Let’s take a moment now to remember Simco in prayer.

Father God, we come before You and are inspired by Simco’s devotion. We ask You bless his work and his illegal printing press. Let him continue to print and smuggle Bibles without incident. Keep the authorities away and let there be confusion amongst them.

We ask You wrap Your arms of protection around his family as well. Keep them from harm.

Bless this ministry and those who open these Bibles and read its words for the first time. May this work touch each corner of the Middle East. In Your powerful name we pray. Amen.

*Representative name used to preserve security

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