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Persecuted Christians from Jaranwala receive life-changing aid

December 12, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

On top of that, businesses belonging to believers were looted and attacked, too, leaving many without a way to support themselves or their families. It was a time of blind hatred. However, thanks to your support, GCR, in cooperation with our partners, has since been able to help several families rebuild their small businesses and share a hope for the future.

Christian stores were robbed, fast food equipment stolen, shops vandalized and donkey carts set ablaze. For five families, their livelihoods were taken from them by radicals. But the Body of Christ stepped up to intervene. For those five families, they would experience Jesus’ love from their global neighbors firsthand.

Nadia Pervaiz, a shop owner, says, “We left everything behind to save our lives, and the mob looted our grocery shop—the cash and material. We were left without anything.” But GCR and our partners met Nadia’s urgent needs. We provided her with enough stock to reopen. She says, “We have no words to express our feelings. This support has given us new life.”

Rashidan Bagum, too, has a small grocery shop. The day before the mob violence, she had fully restocked her shelves. Then, on the day of the rioting, “The mob looted everything from my grocery shop.” Rashidan’s business is the sole income for her and her family. She had lost it all. But through your gifts, GCR and our partners were able to help Rashidan reopen and make an honest living once again: “With this material we will be able to overcome our financial crises.”

It wasn’t just shop owners who felt the hit of the riots. Asif Masih runs a fast food business. He and his family ran for their lives as their small business was set fire to and equipment stolen: “Our appliances were looted and our shop was burnt.” However, through our partners, we’ve been able to meet Asif’s urgent needs. We supplied him with new burners, pans and gas cylinders, enough for him to get back on his feet. On the day he received his new equipment, he said, “Today is a great day for me and my family—we have no words.”

Help us reach our persecuted family working in Pakistan’s brick kilns. Your gift could help us free them from bonded slavery.

Sarfaraz Masih runs a motorcycle repair shop near a church in Jaranwala. When the church was attacked, spillover from the violence made its way to his shop. They looted Sarfaraz’s tools and burned several tires. He says, “I had no tools and equipment to continue my business.” But, through our partners, we’ve been able to help Sarfaraz restart his business by providing him with an air compressor, various instruments and different types of tires. He says, “I am thankful to God that He has given me more than the equipment I lost. It has strengthened my trust in Him.”

Javed Masi has an interesting job—he sells household pots from his donkey-pulled cart. But on the day of the rioting, his cart was set ablaze in the street and his donkey was stolen. He says, “The rioters took away everything from me. I was very upset, as I don’t have any other source of income.” With the help of our partners, though, we’ve been able to offer provision to Javed. We supplied him with a new cart and a new donkey. In gratitude, he says, “I am thankful to GCR. You are people of God.”

An image of Javed with his new donkey-pulled cart.

An image of Javed with his new donkey-pulled cart.

In Joel 2:25, it says, “I will repay you for the years the locusts have eaten.” We’re grateful for the opportunity to act on God’s behalf and help offer aid to our persecuted brothers and sisters. But although we were able to help several families get back on their feet, we know there are still others who are struggling to recover what they lost from the riots. Will you join us in praying for them now?

Father God, we’re thankful we get to act as Your hands and feet and help our brothers and sisters in deepest need. But we know there are others still in need. We ask You supply for them. Please restore what they’ve lost and give abundantly. May they know You deeper by the way You provide for them. Amen.

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Tim Dustin is a journalist for Global Christian Relief where he shares the stories of the persecuted with the Church in the West and abroad. Get the latest stories and prayer requests at

In Pakistan’s brick kilns, many of our persecuted brothers and sisters work as bonded slaves, making minimum wage while they pay off large predatory loans. But you can help! Make a gift today and help us meet the needs of our persecuted family in Pakistan and beyond.

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