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Persecuted Pakistani Christ follower hears God’s Word

March 7, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

These Christ followers are essentially modern-day slaves.

Within the kilns, our persecuted brothers and sisters labor from dawn to dusk just to barely make ends meet. And while they start and end their days in prayer to Jesus, a sad fact remains: they cannot afford their own Bibles.

That’s why Global Christian Relief and our partners are working to distribute Bibles in Pakistan. But not just any Bibles. Specifically, we’re sending solar powered, loudspeaker audio Bibles that can be heard by a crowd of 150 kiln workers. Why? Because 40% of the Pakistani population is illiterate, and Christians in particular are often denied education as a form of religious discrimination.

Gift a Bible today and make sure our persecuted family can be inspired by the peace, hope and love of God’s Word.

During a recent trip to Pakistan, a believer named Alishba* showed the GCR team how to make bricks. She squatted down and dug her small hands into wet mud and clay, transferring the heavy mixture into a brick mold.

After flattening the clay and patting down the corners, Alishba flipped the mold over to release the newly-formed brick onto the ground so it could be baked. Alishba would go on to repeat this process for hours as her family’s daily quota is upwards of 1,500 bricks a day.

Amid this grueling and repetitive work, an audio Bible pierces the air with something Alishba desperately needs to hear: the hope of Jesus Christ.

Let’s pray for Alishba now.

Heavenly Father, we lift up our humble and hardworking sister, Alishba. You see her struggle and toil … the dreams she carries deep within her heart. Lord, reveal Yourself to her in greater measure.

Let the Word fill her heart with a joy and love she has never known. Remind her that You go to prepare an eternal place for her—with no more suffering. According to Romans 10:17, strengthen her faith as she hears the Word of God. Amen.

*Representative name used to preserve security.

About the author
Abigail Hart is a writer and editor for Global Christian Relief where she shares stories of persecuted Christians with the worldwide Church. Read the latest Christian persecution stories on our website and learn more at

In the dry and barren landscape of Pakistan’s brick kilns, our brothers & sisters are thirsty for the living water of Jesus Christ. Your gift of $48 can supply one audio Bible to our persecuted family in need. Please give now.

Gift a Bible today