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Persecuted Pakistani Christian lives free of bonded slavery

February 16, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan

In Pakistan, approximately 40% of the population is illiterate. And persecuted Christians are often denied education as a form of religious discrimination. So many make a difficult choice: working in one of the nation’s 20,000 brick kilns.

“While working in the kiln, I raised a large family of five daughters and four sons,” Azeeb tells us. “Providing for such a large family was challenging, especially within this industry that is known for low wages.” But through the generous gifts of our donors, GCR was able to change Azeeb and his family’s lives forever.

My life was completely transformed when I received generous support from GCR and their partners. They paid off my debt to the brick kiln, giving me the opportunity to earn full wages.” Azeeb continues to work in the kilns—work he’s known most of his life—but his wages are no longer heavily taxed. He receives a full paycheck.

“The increase in my income has made our financial and living situations significantly more stable. My family and I are now free from the mental and physical stress that we had as a result of our loans.” Maybe just as important as receiving funds, Azeeb feels self-worth. In his own words, he says, “I no longer feel like a slave.”

Azeeb and his family working in the kiln.

Azeeb and his family working in the kiln.

Azeeb and his family are no longer obligated to answer every demand of the kiln owners. There’s freedom in their work. They’re treated as ordinary individuals, a respect that many take for granted. Azeeb says, “This has been a miracle in my life. Heavy burdens have been lifted off both my shoulders and those of my children.”

In wanting to thank GCR and our gracious supports, Azeeb says, “Your intervention has restored hope and dignity in our lives. We continue to pray you would positively impact the lives of others, like you did for us.”

Did you know that Global Christian Relief is serving hurting believers in the kilns? Alongside our partners, we’re supplying debt relief, mobile medical clinics, Bibles and more. Help us gift an audio Bible to illiterate believers in need of God’s Word. Romans 10:17 reminds us that “faith comes by hearing, and hearing by the Word of God.” The hardworking Christians who endure long and difficult workdays within the kilns would be so blessed by an audible loudspeaker Bible, which can be heard by a crowd of 150 people.

Join us now in praying for Azeeb and other kiln workers like him.

Lord, You came to set the captives free. We look at Azeeb and his family and see so many parallels to the freedom You offer. We’re grateful for their liberty and their restored self-worth, that they are no longer bonded slaves. We ask that You bless them—and those around them—with the comfort of Your Word. Through the Bible and GCR’s debt relief projects, may the kiln workers discover how deeply they are loved by You, despite their challenging circumstances. Amen.

About the author
Tim Dustin is a journalist for Global Christian Relief, where he makes it his priority to share the stories of the persecuted out of Pakistan and the rest of the world. Get the latest blogs and prayer requests at

Destitute Pakistani Christians within the brick kilns are crying out for help, and Global Christian Relief is responding with debt relief, mobile medical care and God’s Word. They make thousands of bricks a day just to afford a meager meal of bread and tea. They can’t afford a Bible of their own—unless someone like you comes to their aid. Give the gift of God’s Word today by supplying an audio Bible which can be heard by a crowd of 150 kiln workers.

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