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Persecuted Pakistani Christians assaulted by local extremists

February 2, 2024 by James Jacob in Persecuted believer in Pakistan

On December 7, late into the evening, 10 radicals from a local religious gang arrived at Razia’s house carrying machine guns. Two radicals broke into the house while the others waited outside and patrolled the street.

Razia’s brother, Munir*, was already asleep when he heard the front door of the house kicked open. Before he could act, the two radicals rushed into his room and shouted at him before firing their weapons, narrowly and purposely missing him. They then beat him with the butt of their guns.

Razia and her elderly mother sprang from their beds upon hearing the commotion. Before they could instinctively leave their room and head for safety, the two radicals entered and attacked them both. Razia and her mother were beaten and left severely injured.

The attackers then grabbed many of the family’s possessions, including valuables, clothes and blankets and set them on fire in front of the house, sending a direct message to the other Christians in the community.

Help us meet our persecuted family where they’re at. A contribution today could mean emergency food kits, medical aid, trauma counseling—whatever it takes.

Munir called the police in a panic, but they didn’t show up until two hours later. And instead of helping and upholding the law, the officers told Razia and her family to reach a compromise with the extremist attackers.

Shocked by the apathy of local law enforcement, Munir says, “Our simple wish is to lead a peaceful life in our own home, amidst our community, free from fear.”

The violent attack against Razia and her family has led to much trepidation in the village. So much so, the Christians decided not to meet and celebrate Christmas. The church stood empty.

And now the Christians in the village are cautiously waiting to see what happens next: Will there be more attacks? Who will be targeted? Will lives be taken?

In Razia’s village, fear is prevalent. But in Isaiah 41:10, it says, “So do not fear, for I am with you; do not be dismayed, for I am your God. I will strengthen you and help you; I will uphold you with my righteous right hand.” We can’t imagine having lived through such horror, but we believe in God’s Word and know He will strengthen those Christians living face-to-face with radical persecution.

Join us in praying now for Razia, her family and the Christians living in her village. Let’s come before our God and pray that they will not fear, but feel the presence of God around them. Let’s pray.

Lord, we pray for this community of believers in Pakistan. They find themselves persecuted and hated because of their belief in You. We ask You wrap Your arms around them and hold them close during this time. Let them not be overcome with fear, but instead be overcome with a peace found in You. We pray for their physical and emotional protection. Guide their steps so they will know what measures to take next. And heal their wounds. Amen.

*Representative names and photo used to preserve security.

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