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Persecuted Pakistani Christians rebuild after mob violence

September 27, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Persecuted Christians in Pakistan
Sayad and Ruth wake up at 4 a.m. to begin their brick-making process.

“My name is Hoorab and I live in Christian Town, Jaranwala. I am a mother of nine children. On the morning of August 16, we received alarming news of a blasphemy allegation against members of our community.

“An enraged mob gathered near us in response to this news. Fearing for the safety of my children, I made the agonizing decision to leave our home and flee to safety. We waited two days before eventually returning home. Finally, I mustered the courage to see what remained.

“When I arrived, my heart sank. Our entire house was burned to ashes. All our belongings, furniture, and cherished memories were gone. I felt such deep despair and helplessness.”

After Hoorab was left homeless, she was overcome by fear—but God moved through the generosity of the Body of Christ to meet her immediate needs.

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Hoorab continues, “I was overwhelmed by loss and fear of the future, and I knew I didn’t have the resources to rebuild what had been lost.

“A local aid team visited and listened as we recounted our terrifying experience. A few days later, we received a relief package with food, household items, cash, and even school materials and toys for my children … We now have hope for our future.”

Now that you have read her harrowing story, we invite you to cover Hoorab and her children in prayer. 

Heavenly Father, we ask You to shield the 200 displaced Christian families in Jaranwala, including your precious daughter, Hoorab. We command all fear, anxiety and attacks of the enemy to cease right now, in the mighty name of Jesus.

God, cloak Hoorab and her nine children in Your peace that surpasses understanding. We pray this fraught time will yield miraculous provision, that their faith in You might be strengthened forevermore. Guide their steps and help them to rebuild as a testimony to Your faithfulness. Amen.

*Please note: Hoorab’s name has been changed to ensure her safety, security and anonymity.

About The Author
Abigail Hart is a writer and contributor at Global Christian Relief. She looks forward to drawing much-needed attention to the stories of persecuted Christians and providing opportunities for the Body of Christ to pray. Read about Christian persecution on our website and see more featured stories at

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