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Prayer for Christians in the Middle East

October 19, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Middle East

“The situation in the southern part of Israel has been devastating; it brought us a deep feeling of sorrow, anger, confusion and concern for the future,” says a representative of the church.

“In the northern part of Israel, where our churches are primarily situated, we are all safe. The streets are nearly deserted, with the only sound being the frequent roar of military airplanes flying overhead.

“[Last Sunday] … in Nazareth, many congregants found comfort in tearful prayers. Despite the continuous influx of bad news, the Lord encouraged us through songs and scripture.

“Thank you for many friends who sent notes asking about our safety and for encouragement. The following are ten points to pray for us.”

1) Pray and affirm that God is sovereign over the entire universe and has the power to change the situation.

2) Pray for a quick end and that it does not escalate into a larger war in the region.

3) Lift up in prayer those who are grieving the loss of their loved ones.

4) Pray for those who have been wounded during the conflict and for those providing medical assistance to them.

5) Pray for the safety and liberation of hostages, and pray for mediators to facilitate their release.

6) Pray for wisdom and discernment for the leaders, that they may make decisions that lead to lasting peace and alleviate suffering.

7) Pray that Christians around the world will join in prayer for peace, demonstrating the love of Christ to all peoples.

8) Pray for the safety of local followers of Jesus, that they will be shielded from extremism and hatred.

9) Pray that God will utilize our churches as effective witnesses during this challenging time, through the power of the Holy Spirit.

10) Pray for peace and security for the entire region.

We will keep our readers apprised of the situation as it continues to develop. Thank you in advance for your prayers for our persecuted family in the Middle East.

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Tim Dustin is the managing editor for Global Christian Relief and makes it his daily task to share the stories of the persecuted with the worldwide Church. Read the latest Christian persecution stories on our website and learn more at

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