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Serving persecuted Christians around the world

February 22, 2024 by Abigail Hart in Impact

Emergency relief in India

In 2023, tribal violence broke out in Manipur State between the majority Hindu Meiteis and minority Christian Kuki-zo. Entire villages were razed. In the end, over 200 people were killed and 70,000 were displaced.

GCR and our partners have been able to help because of your partnership and prayers. We opened two emergency relief centers, offering food, shelter, medicine, trauma counseling and more to thousands of vulnerable believers.


Urgent aid in Burkina Faso

Burkina Faso has become a hotbed of Christian persecution. Extremist groups and terrorist organizations are enforcing a reign of terror, pushing countless Christians from their homes and villages; over 2 million citizens are internally displaced.

Through your gifts, we’ve been able to show Burkinabe Christians that they are seen—that their struggles have been felt. So many left their homes with little more than the clothes on their backs. We’ve been able to supply displaced families and church congregations with food and essential kits to help them during their time of great need.


Community aid in Jaranwala, Pakistan

In August, two Christians in Jaranwala, Pakistan were accused of desecrating the Quran and insulting the prophet Muhammad. Extremist mob violence ensued. 19 churches were vandalized and 90 Christian homes were looted and burnt.

Thanks to your support, GCR and our partners were able to meet the needs of many of the persecuted. Numerous families received emergency aid including food, hygiene items, household essentials and more. In response, one displaced believer said, “Our faith and trust in God has been strengthened.”


Brick kiln debt relief in Pakistan

There are over 20,000 brick kilns throughout Pakistan. And countless kiln workers are believers. Many find themselves shackled by predatory loans and crippling debts passed down through generations.

But you helped bring life-changing hope to numerous impoverished families. Empowered by your gifts and support, GCR and our partners paid off the debts of believers including Arham, Azeeb, Sayad and Ruth—just to name a few. They’re now free to pursue meaningful work with fair wages, and they are grateful. Arham says, “Through your support, you’ve rekindled our faith.”


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Emergency relief in Afghanistan

Under Taliban rule, the Afghan economy is in tatters and millions are going hungry due to food scarcity—both Christians and Muslims alike. Countless businesses have collapsed and jobs are hard to come by.

However, there is hope because of your profound generosity. The GCR team and our partners are actively addressing these issues by supplying Afghan families with emergency food relief kits, mobile medical care, agricultural livestock, blankets and more.


Bibles in the Middle East

Hundreds of millions of Muslims in the Middle East do not know Jesus as their Lord and Savior, but they’re desperate for His peace, love and joy.

On Giving Tuesday, we set out on a mission to deliver Bibles to this region and beyond. You rose to the challenge and helped us raise funds to deliver nearly 60,000 copies of God’s Word! We can’t wait to hear the stories of how these Bibles transform the lives of those who are far from Him.


Earthquake relief in Turkey and Syria

After a 7.8-magnitude earthquake struck the Middle East, 50,000 were left dead and nearly 2 million people were displaced in the freezing cold. Thanks to your kindness, GCR and our partners were on the ground within 24 hours, providing swift emergency aid.

But we didn’t stop there. In an effort to provide long-term support to struggling believers in the region, we supplied Christian families with sturdy container homes. Now many have a comfortable place to fellowship with others and rest.


About the author
Abigail Hart is a journalist for Global Christian Relief where she shares the impact the organization is making in serving persecuted Christians around the world. Get the latest blogs and prayer requests at

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