North Korea Info & Action Guide

We invite you to download this exclusive North Korea Info and Action Guide to give you a deeper understanding of the country—along with current research and stories on Christian persecution and the underground church. The information in this guide will help you dig deeper into the hard-hitting facts around persecution in North Korea so that you can pray informed and passionate prayers alongside your suffering brothers and sisters in the underground church.

Our founder Brother Andrew once said, “The bigger the darkness, the easier it is to spot your little light.” In North Korea, this quote has great significance. Through our prayers and support, we’re empowering little lights to shine brightly in the darkness. And right now, as the world’s attention is drawn toward international relations with North Korea, the light is more important than ever.

The lack of intellectual and religious freedom inside North Korea is staggering and hard for those of us in the West even to imagine. But it’s real. And it’s happening at this very moment.

Let’s join with North Korean believers in prayer—and together ask God to provide the fundamental right of religious freedom to those who follow Christ in North Korea.

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