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The Top 5 Best Prayer Apps for Christians

April 21, 2023 by Abigail Hart in Prayer App

According to recent studies, the average American spends upwards of 3.5 hours a day on his or her mobile device. With this statistic in mind, it’s important for believers to pause and ask, “Am I spending more time on the phone than I am with God?”

If the answer is yes, you’re not alone. And fortunately, some of the best prayer apps out there are specifically designed to strengthen and enhance your walk with Christ. So if you’re weary of scrolling on social media and have a desire to keep God first, consider downloading a prayer app today.

Check out our list below, and get ready to transform your phone time into high-quality prayer time.




1. Global Christian Relief Prayer App

This free app connects believers with persecuted Christians around the world. Discover what it’s like to follow Jesus in some of the darkest places on Earth. Then, watch your faith grow as you respond in prayer to breaking news & urgent updates.

• Our favorite feature: Enjoy exclusive video and first-hand accounts of brave Christ followers sharing the gospel in dangerous places.

• Helpful attributes: When you browse the app’s Prayer Wall, you’ll come into agreement with hundreds of others who are fervently praying for persecuted believers.

2. Hallow Prayer App

Perhaps you’ve seen social media ads with the cast of The Chosen inviting you to try Hallow. Here’s what you need to know … When it comes to prayer, this app offers a tremendous amount of flexibility and variety. A basic version is available for free; full access requires a paid plan.

• Our favorite feature: Customize your prayer time by choosing a guide, setting your preferred duration, selecting your favorite music, and creating a custom prayer plan.

• Helpful attributes: The content can be downloaded for offline use. No Wi-Fi? No problem.

3. PrayerMate App

Designed for believers who want to develop the discipline of consistent prayer, this free app is ideal for busy Christians who want accountability, organization, and routine prayer recommendations.

• Our favorite feature: Daily reminders and third-party news feeds help you develop a rhythm of prayer.

• Helpful attributes: The app’s Prayer Groups feature allows you to sync your prayers with that of your family and friends—even if they’re far away—so you can stay connected.

4. Echo Prayer App

This particular app allows you to categorize your prayers—and denote when they’ve been answered! Echo’s Prayer Groups and Feeds are also helpful for churches and small groups that need a designated space to log prayer requests. Free and paid versions are available.

• Our favorite feature: As you witness God responding to your prayers, Echo’s tagging and sharing options make it easy for you to be a faithful witness to others.

• Helpful attributes: The Messaging feature allows you to pray with others in real time.

5. Prayer Notebook App

Rounding out our list of the Top 5 Best Prayer Apps for Christians is Prayer Notebook. This app was specifically designed for believers who have good intentions to pray, but struggle with forgetfulness. The digital assistant allows you to schedule prayers and failsafe reminders.

• Our favorite feature: Jog your memory by assigning contacts and photos to each prayer request.

• Helpful attributes: The app’s full-screen Prayer Mode helps ease distractions.

Next Steps

Now that you’re acquainted with some of the best prayer apps for Christians, we hope you’ll choose one that’s right for you. Get started by downloading it to your mobile device now. Consider challenging yourself and a fellow believer to use the prayer app daily for one week, and see how it improves not only your prayer life, but your overall use of screen time.

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About The Author
Abigail Hart is a staff writer for Global Christian Relief, a nonprofit Christian ministry that works to strengthen persecuted believers and raise awareness regarding Christian persecution. For more information, visit our website at