China house-church raided, sending Qi Ming on the run

February 26, 2020 by Robert Kenna in Stories of Persecution

Under surveillance 

What would you do if authorities raided your church, arrested everyone in your congregation and shut the doors—forbidding anyone to worship again?

It’s hard to imagine, but that’s what happened to Chinese house church leader, Qi Ming.

The Chinese government watched his church closely and often followed and harassed church members. And when ministry leaders refused the government’s request to install surveillance cameras in the sanctuary, authorities raided their worship service.

“More than 100 were arrested,” Qi Ming shares.

China is cracking down on religion.

From church raids to the arrests of pastors, to the restriction of Bibles, to the law that bans children from attending church—the patterns are evident.

But it’s not just China. Persecution is rising all around the world—and the needs of our Christian brothers and sisters are so great.

Needs for Bibles, food, support, medical and emergency relief, spiritual care and even safe houses and legal aid.

On the run

After the raid, Qi Ming says he wasn’t afraid, but he was nervous. “I was ready to be taken away. I was prepared for that,” he says.

Ministry partners encouraged Qi Ming to flee the country for the safety of his family. Reluctantly, Qi Ming agreed. His family packed all night and snuck out early in the morning and drove to the airport.

“Any minute, I was prepared to be arrested” Qi Ming shares.

At the airport, Qi Ming prayed this prayer with his family at a McDonald’s restaurant:

“God, maybe this is the last meal I will have with my family. So, if you take me, it is from your will. But if you protect me, I can see my kids grow up.”

God’s mercy

Qi Ming and his family escaped just in time. The authorities were trying to find them—and even sent texts to Qi Ming’s phone while they boarded the plane.

This intense persecution has turned their lives upside down, but Qi Ming stays strong. “If you really believe in Jesus, [persecution] must happen in your life,” he shares. “It made our faith more real.”

Qi Ming’s story represents just one of the more than 260 million Christians around the world who experience extreme levels of persecution.

And they’re waiting on us to act.

Thanks so much for your partnership in serving suffering believers around the world.